Staff & Committee

Swan Yacht Club Staff & Committee

The Swan Yacht Club would like to thank the present and past staff & committee for their hard work. 

Flag Officers

Kevin Bielby Commodore
Kevin Bielby

Paul Nicholls Vice Commodore
Vice Commodore
Paul Nicholls

Ian Harwood Rear Commodore
Rear Commodore
Ian Harwood

Stephen Browne Rear Commodore P A
Rear Commodore Power and Angling
Stephen Browne


JamesAps Captain
Angling Captain
James Aps

Stephen Browne Rear Commodore P A
Acting Power Boat Captain
Stephen Browne


Damien Gaspar General Manager
General Manager
Damien Gaspar

Cindy Harvey
Cindy Harvey

David Poxon
Dave Poxon

Natalie Jones
Reception & Membership
Natalie Jones

Kayla Page Functions Manager
Function & Events
Kayla Page

Ryan Khong Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Ryan Khong

Food & Beverage
Tanya Critchley

General Committee

James Turnbull Treasurer
James Turnbull

Kevin Jaques Committee

Kevin Jaques

Kim Sorrell Committee2

Kim Sorrell

Brian Piggott Committee

Brian Piggott

John Cleary Committee

John Cleary

Graham Dart2

Graham Dart

Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones